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GitHub: https://github.com/securechain/securechain-wallet
GitHub: https://github.com/securechain/securechain-wallet
==Block Data==
Please download both blocks and chainstate files. Extract both of them to Securecoin(Windows) or .securecoin(Linux) folder so that the folder structure would look like
===Without Raw Transaction===
Note: Please set or remove the following option in securecoin.conf file:
Updated on 2017-06-05 04:53:41
Last Block ID: [http://securechain.info/en/block/00000000000ef06b68c26a5a6db28d29b1a0c31061df09d425032f0678e2b99b 1560170]
Blocks file (791 MB): http://securechain.info/download/data/withouttx/blocks.tar.gz
Blocks file MD5: e5e3435cf0ac7c4210d4b13f224f083a
Chainstate file (17.6 MB): http://securechain.info/download/data/withouttx/chainstate.tar.gz
Chainstate file MD5: 280a352eceb356910379132c60cef3fb
===With Raw Transaction===
Note: Please set or add the following option to securecoin.conf file:
Updated on 2017-06-05 04:53:41
Last Block ID: [http://securechain.info/en/block/00000000000ef06b68c26a5a6db28d29b1a0c31061df09d425032f0678e2b99b 1560170]
Blocks file (878 MB): http://securechain.info/download/data/withtx/blocks.tar.gz
Blocks file MD5: 7ff0e4d29762e5a00c0ce29023e7fe27
Chainstate file (16.7 MB): http://securechain.info/download/data/withtx/chainstate.tar.gz
Chainstate file MD5: 54943b066196344b42c33123633303d6

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In this page you can find and download most SecureCoin related software, block data and documentation files.

Official Securechain Wallet

Windows(10.7 MB)

Digital signature of securechain-wallet.exe

Securechain Wallet is the official SecureCoin wallet. It is compiled with the latest OpenSSL 1.0.2l 25 May 2017, QT 5.9.1 and BOOST 1.60. For your convenience, the Securechain Wallet also supports getting address/transaction details from the Securechain block explorer by simply clicking new buttons in the main window.

  • Please ensure that the file "securechain-wallet.exe" extracted from the downloaded "securechain-wallet.zip" is digitally signed by "Securechain" as to the picture on the right side.
  • If Google Chrome gives a warning that "securechain-wallet.zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous" when downloading, please ignore the warning and keep the file. This is because the number of file download has not reached Google's favor level. However the software is totally clean and digitally signed.
  • If Windows Smartscreen prevents the downloaded program from running, please click "More info", verify the publisher then click "Run Anyway".

For more information please visit the Securechain Wallet page.

Local download: http://securechain.info/download/wallet/0.9.2/securechain-wallet.zip

GitHub: https://github.com/securechain/securechain-wallet/releases

MAC(12 MB)

The Securechain Wallet for MAC OSX has the same features as to the original version for Windows. For more information please refer to the description of Windows version.

The App package "Securechain Wallet.app" extracted from the downloaded "securechain-wallet-mac.zip" is digitally signed by "Developer ID Application: Haimin Zhang (7M8FY5GHH7)". The following terminal command can be used for checking the signing information:

codesign -dvvv ./"Securechain Wallet.app"/

Local download: http://securechain.info/download/wallet/0.9.2/securechain-wallet-mac.zip

GitHub: https://github.com/securechain/securechain-wallet/releases


GitHub: https://github.com/securechain/securechain-wallet