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Block Explorer

As authorized by Baritus - the creator of SecureCoin, the Securechain Wallet has become the only official SecureCoin wallet while the old SecureCoin-Core wallet would be obsolete. Both Baritus and Securechain Developers would contribute to the development of Securechain Wallet in the future. For more information please refer to SecureCoin's creation post or the snapshots on the right.

The current version of Securechain Wallet is compiled with the latest OpenSSL 1.0.2l 25 May 2017, QT 5.9.1 and BOOST 1.60. For your convenience, the Securechain Wallet also supports getting address/transaction details from the Securechain block explorer by simply clicking new buttons in the main window.


To download the latest release of Securechain Wallet, please visit the Download page.

System Requirement

The Securechain Wallet has been tested and proven to work on the following operating systems. The program may also work on other versions of operating systems but not guaranteed.


Windows 10(64 bits)

Windows 7(32/64 bits)


MAC OSX 10.12 Sierra(64 bits)

Current Version

The current Securechain Wallet version is 0.9.2.


The Securechain Wallet source code is maintained on GitHub:

Securecoin-Core Wallet Compatibility

Securechain Wallet is totally compatible with the old SecureCoin-Core wallet including all database and wallet files. They also share the same default data folder. For Windows the default data folder is Windows drive(C:) -> Users -> *YourWindowsUsername*->AppData->Roaming->SecureCoin and for MAC it is $HOME/Library/Application Support/SecureCoin/ or /Users/username/Library/Application Support/SecureCoin/.

Although these two wallets are compatible, it is strongly recommended to update to Securechain Wallet.


The main developer of Securechain Wallet is Haimin Zhang([email protected]) and Baritus.