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This guide mainly describes the process of withdrawing SRCs from btc38 to personal wallet.

1.Go to Download page to download the latest wallet as the picture below:

Guide s1 en.png

2.Extract the downloaded securechain-wallet.zip in order to get the executable securechain-wallet.exe as the picture below:

Guide s2.png

3.Double click securechain-wallet.exe to launch the wallet software. After the start, if the connection is normal then there will be a volume icon in the lower right corner and, the block time to be synchronized will be at the bottom as the picture below:

Guide s3.png

4.Wait until the synchronization is completed. Under normal network speed it takes around 3 hours.

Guide s4.png

5.To improve security, it is suggested to set a wallet password by the "Encrypt Wallet...” feature under "Settings" menu as the picture below. Note that the password is unrecoverable once forgotten, so please be sure to keep it in mind.

Guide s5.png

6.Click the "Backup Wallet...” feature under "File" menu to backup the wallet file as below:

Guide s6.png

7.Open "http://www.btc38.com" and login, then go to "我的资产" through "个人中心" as below:

Guide s7.png

8.Click the "提币" link right to "SRC安全币". If the high level identification verification has been completed then there will be a window as below:

Guide s8.png

9.Click the down arrow triangle right to "选择SRC地址". In the popup window click "添加提币地址" and there will be a window as below:

Guide s9.png

10.Open the Review tab of wallet software. First select the address to withdraw to, then click the "Copy Address" button underneath as the picture below:

Guide s10.png

11.Paste the copied address to the "输入SRC提币地址" field in the "添加提币地址" window and, add a remark (optional). Thereafter click "获取验证码" and fill in the field on the left side with the received verification code. Finally click "确定添加".

12.Type the withdrawal amount and verify the address in the withdrawal window, then click "确认提币" as the picture below:

Guide s12.png

13.Open the "Transactions" tab in wallet software. If the withdrawal is successful there will be a new transaction as the picture below:

Guide s13.png

14.Wait for 6 confirmations. When the icon on the left of transaction becomes a hook, it shows that the SRCs have been completely credited as below:

Guide s14.png

15.Finally click the "Overview" tab to verify the actual creditted amount as below:

Guide s15.png